HQ – The Ultimate Trivia Side Hustle

HQ – The Ultimate Trivia Side Hustle

What is HQ Trivia?

HQ Trivia is a viral sensation earning many people thousands of dollars to answer 12 questions correctly. The game goes live at 3pm and 9pm.  Hosted by Scott Rogowsky, this game has millions of followers and can be highly addictive.

How much money can I win?

On average, the jackpot is $5000; however, when they have major sponsers I have seen the jackpot grow upwards of $400,000. So how do you side hustle your way to the jackpot?

1. Get signed up

You can sign up to play completely for free, simply download the app via Google Play, or the Apple App Store.

If you’d like an extra life on sign up – you can enter my code: seymourferguson

2. Opt in to push notifications

I hate push notifications from apps; however, this is a great reminder of when the game is about to start. Also, lately they have added extra time slots so the notifications come in handy.

3. Join the Game and Answer 12 Questions

All you need to do is answer 12 multiple choice questions. If you get one wrong, you are eliminated but you can still watch the rest of the game to see who comes out on top. If their are multiple winners, the prize will be shared.

4. Rack up Extra Lives.

The key to success in this game is to rack up extra lives.  By referring others into the game, you can earn extra lives. Simply share your referral code with them to earn a free life. They will also earn extra life as well.

My Extra Life Code: seymourferguson