Forget Netflix & Chill – Have Companies Pay You to Watch Videos & Profit

Forget Netflix & Chill – Have Companies Pay You to Watch Videos & Profit

We live in the age of Netflix & Chill, but how about Netflix & Hustle.  Here are a few companies that will actually pay you to watch videos.  How much?  Well that is entirely up to you.  There are reports of people making close to an extra $300 a month with these side hustles.

1.  Earn up to $80 a month during spare time playing videos – Swagbucks

This won’t make you rich but for very little effort you can make up to $80 a month watching videos on Swagbucks.  They say you can accumulate up to 150 reward points per day but every little bit counts when you are trying make some spare cash.  Videos on this site ranges any where from entertainment, to news and politics.  I’m sure there is a genre that will keep you entertained.

ProTip:  Here’s a couple set it and forget it way to rack up the points each day:

  • If you are in front of a computer all day, you can open up a new tab or browser and keep the videos playing the background.  If you don’t really care to hear the video you could always mute the site in browsers like Google Chrome.
  • You can also download the Swagbucks app and have it play on your phone or tablet.  Keep the device charged and just let it play.

2.  Inbox me that money – InboxDollars

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you have probably heard about this company.  They are one of the biggest companies in regards to paying you to do surveys but what many don’t know is you can make money watching videos through them.  It’s a pretty straightforward concept:

  • Pick a playlist
  • Watch the videos
  • Profit!

Playlists range anywhere from a few minutes to about 45 minutes.  The longer your watch of course the more you can potentially earn.  Side Hustlers are making any where from $100 to $200 bucks a month through this site just doing this method.  Sign up now and you will make $5 off the bat.